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Novokuznetsk Art Museum

Novokuznetsk Art Museum

Phone: (3843) 774866, 778445 Fax: (3843) 772286

Address: 654018, Russia, Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk, Kirova str., 62

Directions: Bus 5, 14, 58, 61, 70, 88 or trolleybus 3 to bus stop: "Museum of Arts"

Working hours: daily from 10.00 to 18.00, except Mondays and Tuesdays. Warning: excursions only by appointment

Entrance fee: Children - 70 rub., Student - 100 rub., Adult - 100 rub.

Internet: http://artkuznetsk.ru/ - official website
Novokuznetsk Art Museum  - W1405, official website и плюс две ссылки на два сайта

Email: art-nkz@yandex.ru

Memorable dates and annual events:
Founded  - 17.06.1961
Opened   -  01.08.1961
May 18 - International Day of Museums
September 1 - Knowledge Day
June 1 - opening of the first art gallery in Novokuznetsk,

Novokuznetsk Art Museum was opened in 1961 on the basis of the art gallery in the museum of regional studies. Its collection was rapidly enriching from funds of the Ministry of Culture with works of modern Soviet paintings, drawings, sculpture and applied arts in 1950-60ies. In the first decade the State Tretyakov Gallery gave 10 works of 19th century, which initiated the formation of domestic arts section of 19- early 20 centuries. Later the museum staff acquired works from private collections belonging to L. M. Rozenfeld, J. E. Rubenstein, the Nevzorov’s family, the heirs, and from the workshops of famous artists. Today the largest collection of Kemerovo region has 8800 pieces of painting, sculpture, graphic art, decorative and applied art, folk crafts.

Parts of collections associated with the local artists are actively replenished. Of considerable interest is the national icon, which was once found on the territory of Tomsk province. The icons were collected during expeditions to the area. The section of the Siberian art is represented by the leading artists of the region. A modern tendency of “Siberian neo-archaic art” has been duly recognized by the museum. And this was a start of a new approach to forming the collection which reflects the influence of Siberian Archaic on contemporary art in Siberia. It represents great opportunities for scientific conferences and regional exhibitions. Novokuznetsk Art Museum is a participant and a grantee of Russian, regional, ministerial, local and city competitions of artistic projects.

Founder:  Administration of the Kemerovo region

Major Tours:

Russian Art of  the End of XIX Century
Russian Art in ХХ Century
Folk Crafts in Russia
Russian Icon in XIX-XX centuries. Old Believers Molding, Books
Contemporary Siberian Art
Types and Genres in Fine Art

Extra services: equipment for disabled

Educational services:
Lectures for preschoolers and school children: "Storeroom of Crafts", "Culture and Etiquette Lessons", "History of the Orthodox Art", "A Snail’s Journey".
Sunday’s Lecture: "School for Young Art Lovers", "Let’s Play the Design Game".
"Workshops at the Museum" (master-classes for children during school holidays), Drawing Studio for children "Watercolors", "Drawing Studio for adults".

Nearby: hotels and catering - Novokuznetskaya Hotel (http://www.novokuznetskaya.com/)

Key Officials:
Director: Larissa Nikolaevna Larina, tel. +7 (3843) 772286
Chief Curator: Vera Alexandrovna Burlakova, tel. +7 (3843) 778445

654018, Russia, Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk, Kirova str., 62. Phone: (3843) 77-22-86, Fax: (3843) 77-22-86.
Dates of the opening and establishment:
Founded: 17.06.1961
Opened:   01.08.1961
Legal status: municipal enterprise

Form of entity: non-profit establishment

Type of establishment: mass culture and research

Areas: exposition and exhibition 490м,2  temporary exhibitions 363м2, depository 390м2
Stuff: 46, including 17 scientists
Average number of visitors per year: 140 000
Structure of the organization: archive, scientific library

Higher authority:
The Department of Culture of Novokuznetsk City Administration - R474

State Art Museum in Novosibirsk - M1537
The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation - R152
Novokuznetsk Organisation СХ РФ - R1416
Novosibirsk Gallery " Siberian Craftsmen" - R1555

Sponsors, patrons and grantors: "Evraz Holding" Ltd., Public Fund after N. S. Ermakova

Storage: 8900 items of major stock
The most valuable (unique) collections:
National Icon of Western Siberia - 150 items
Art 1920-30ies - 110 items
Folk Art - 500 items
The Art of Siberia - 2000 items
Russian Art in Early XX century - 240 items
Art of the Second half of XX century - 1500 items
Old Believer Icons and Books - 100 items
Novokuznetsk Arts - 1500 items
The Collection of Naive Art - 300 items

The greatest exhibition projects:
Contest "Modern Siberian Painting - 93",1993;
"Tom’. Two thousand years on the bank of the river. Two hundred signs of culture", 1998;
"Golden Land of the Sayan-Altai". Khakassia, 1999. Altai, 2000;
"Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", 2001;
"100 Artists of Siberia". Regional project, 2003;
"Thanks and on contrary ". Regional creative works exhibition by people with disabilities, 2003;
"Mobilizing the young ". Regional exhibition of young artists from Siberia, 2007.

Out and exchange exhibitions:
"Illustrations of the works of Pushkin"
" Novokuznetsk Artists"
" Book Illustration "
" Monuments of national culture. Painting. Graphics. Icon"
Works published by the organization:
Kemerovo Regional Museum of Soviet art in Novokuznetsk city. Catalog. - Spb., 1969.
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"Altyn-Cher of Sayan-Altai: The Art of Khakassia. The Art of the Altai". Catalog. - Novokuznetsk, 2000.
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